Template Tool Overview

The Template Tool  is used to generate Iso-Illuminance templates for a single luminaire or luminaire arrangement. Iso-Illuminance templates are composed of lines of equal illuminance surrounding the selected luminaire configuration.

Why use Templates?

Templates are used to display the shape and coverage of the light distribution from a single or group of luminaires. These templates can then be printed in a number of sizes or exported in DXF format as blocks. Typically, templates are used in "paper-doll" fashion where they are overlayed on a background drawing to quickly predict luminaire layouts and spacings. An Iso-Illuminance template can be created from any photometric file, either Type C or Type B. You may opt to use  luminaires arranged in several typical mounting patterns or create your own custom arrangement as needed.

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Selecting the Template Tool

To use the Template Tool, a photometric file must be selected from the photometric file list in PTB. You can generate multiple templates by selecting multiple files followed by selecting the Template Tool. Each file will be loaded into its own instance of the Template Tool.

Optimize for Mounting Height

Templates can be optimized for a particular mounting height based on a specified Iso-Illuminance value. The template is configured such that the mounting height found will produce the most coverage by the luminaire.

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Saving Custom Arrangements

Custom layouts may be saved as User Defined arrangements that can be reused with any photometric file. The arrangements coordinates and aiming parameters are saved with the custom arrangement.

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Exporting Templates as DXFs

Templates may be exported in DXF format for use with CAD software. When the template is exported, it is saved as a block and the template grid lines are not included. Templates are exported at a 1 to 1 scale - one unit in the template is equal to one unit in the DXF block; no scaling is applied. The templates may then be printed at any scale from the CAD software.

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Template Output

The Template Output options specify what information is included in the printed output. You may specify a banner image, luminaire image, photometric descriptive information, template specifications and a template description line attached to the template itself.

Templates may be printed using one of three standard sizes. The template size is chosen from the Settings button. By default, templates are formatted for Letter output.

Template Size

Formatted for Paper Size

7 x 7 inches

Letter - 8.5" x 11" (Portrait Orientation)

9 x 9 inches

B - 11" x 17" (Portrait Orientation)

15 x 15 inches

C - 17" x 22" (Portrait Orientation)

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