Template Output

The Output Related tab in the Template Tool allows you to customize your template output. Some of the settings are dependant on criteria specified in the Settings tab. These will be described individually below.


Banners can be added to the top of the Template output. The default banner (specified in PTB's - Global System Settings command) is shown. To replace the banner in this occurrence of the Template Tool, click on the Banner image. The Banner dialog will appear allowing you to import or paste an alternate banner image.

Luminaire Image

You may associate a luminaire image with this template by clicking in this graphic box. Once in the Luminaire Image dialog, you may paste a banner image from the Windows clipboard (use Ctrl-V) or import a graphics image from anywhere on your computer or network. The graphic image must be in BMP, WMF or JPG format.

Note: If the photometric file was obtained from the Instabase, the luminaire image from the Instabase is used.

Template Descriptive Line

A descriptive line may be attached to the insertion point of the template. The descriptive line uses the Isoline Label size (specified in the Settings dialog) and the following logic to label the template:

Filename: MH Tilt Roll Spin

You may override the current template descriptive line with your own values. Up to 128 characters are allowed.

Note: If any of the template parameters (MH, Tilt, Roll, Spin) or the template size changes, the descriptive line will default to its original options.


Up to eight lines of the photometric description are extracted from the photometric file in this section. The description extracted is based on Keywords found in the photometric file. If the photometric file contains no keywords (pre IESNA-1995 format), no description is listed. In these cases, you may opt to deselect the "Select Description by Keyword" option found in the Settings dialog. You may also customize how the description appears in the Settings dialog.

You may override the description in the Description textbox and add your own.  The description text box will automatically format lines that are too long.

Note: If any of the description settings or the template size changes, the descriptive line will default to its original options.


The Specifications section is populated with statistical information about the current template layout (i.e., Illuminance Type, Scale, Light Loss Factor, Lumens, MH, Max calculated value, etc.). This Specification text prints on all templates and is not modifiable.

In the case of absolute photometry, the Lumens Per Lamp will be indicated as N.A. and the calculated Luminaire Lumens will be displayed.