Optimize Mounting Height for Template

This dialog allows you to optimize a template based on a specified Iso-Illuminance value. The optimum Mounting Height is the height which produces the maximum area covered by the specified Isoline. By default, the Isoline to Optimize text box is populated with the first checked Isoline value in the Template Specification dialog.

The process begins with a 30 foot (or 10 meter) mounting height. The mounting height is first increased, then decreased until the optimum mounting height is found. The "test" template is based on a 8 x MH grid size with a MH / 5 point spacing.

When a template is generated that produces "pools" of light, instead of one iso-contour shape, the largest pool is used to determine the optimum mounting height.

  1. From the Template Specifications tab, select the Optimize MH button. All current layout settings are maintained.
  2. In the Isoline to Optimize textbox, specify the desired Isoline value. We recommend using the minimum Iso-Illuminance criteria for the design.
  3. The MH Increment box specifies the minimum mounting height increment that will be used in the optimization routine. The default value is 1 foot (1 meter).
  4. Click the Optimize Now button. PTB will report the optimum MH once the calculations are complete.
  5. Click Ok to use the specified MH in the Template Specifications Layout. The template is replotted to show the results.