Save Layout as Arrangement

Custom luminaire layouts may be saved as user defined arrangements in PTB to be used repeatedly with any photometric file. Whether one chooses to save an existing arrangement with modifications, or create one from scratch, either can be saved independently quickly and easily.

User defined arrangements are appended with the prefix "User_" and saved with an ARR extension.

When a custom arrangement is used in PTB, none of the default positioning metrics are applied (i.e., MH, Arm Length and Offset) to prevent overwriting the X, Y and Z coordinates used the arrangement.

  1. From the Template Specifications tab, select the Save Layout button. The current Layout coordinates- X, Y and Z -  and aiming parameters (Orient, Tilt, Roll and Spin) are saved with the template.
  2. In the Save Layout As textbox, enter an arrangement name. There is no need to add the User_ prefix as this will be appended automatically.
  3. Click Ok to save the arrangement. The arrangement will be saved in the Arrangements \  User_Defined folder and added to the Arrangement pull-down menu.

Note: You may use these arrangements in AGi32 by copying them into the appropriate Arrangements folder.