Save Tool Overview

The Save command allows you to save photometric files that have been modified in Photometric Toolbox. You can save a photometric file in CIBSE and/or EULUMDAT formats in addition to the standard IES format. Saving in these formats will require some additional information to satisfy the differing file conventions.

Note: When ever you open or save a file in a non-native format (i.e., CIBSE or EULUMDAT), Photometric Toolbox will always display the files as IES files (its native format). To see the CIBSE or EULUMDAT file in their "raw" version, use Notepad.


When files have been modified, or newly created,  in Photometric Toolbox they are loaded in an unsaved state. PTB notifies you of this state by displaying a Save icon next to the photometric file name in the Loaded Files List.

Although these files will produce reports and templates based on their current (updated or repaired) state, they need to be saved to make these changes permanent.

We recommend saving photometric files under modified names (e.g., 123x) so as not to damage the original file's integrity.


Saving Files

Click the Save button on the Tools toolbar or select Save from the File menu.

Saving in CIBSE Format

Saving in EULUMDAT Format