Using Scene Manager

Scene Manager allows the AGi32 user to control switching and dimming via Channels and to create multiple lighting Scenes. Potential applications include gymnasiums, sports arenas, conference rooms, classrooms, parking lots with normal and post-curfew lighting, and emergency lighting, among others.

Scene Manager has three sections: Scenes, Channels, and Luminaires. Scenes and Channels are created in their respective sections. Channels may be Switched On or Off and a Dimming value applied, if needed, in the Channel section. In the Luminaires section, luminaires may be assigned to existing Channels. (Click on the Concepts tab for more information on Scenes, Channels and other terms.)

To use Scene Manager to create Scenes and Channels, first click on the Scene Manager button (upper right) in Model Mode. The initial Scene is <Default>. In the Default Scene, each luminaire is effectively in its own Channel and controlled separately.

Dimming without creating Scenes and Channels

You may set the Dimming value for any luminaire in the middle (Channel) section without first creating Channels. This is useful for the case where you wish to simply dim luminaires without creating Scenes and Channels.


Create a new Scene

  1. Click on the Menu button at the top of the Scenes section.
  2. Click Add Scene, and then enter a name for the Scene, such as Presentation, for example, and then click OK.

Additional Notes:

Create a Channel

  1. Click in the left-most column for any Scene except <Default>.
  2. Click on the Menu button at the top of the Channels section.
  3. Note the many options here. One way to create a new Channel is to simply select Add Channel(s). Type in the Channel name and click OK.
    • Note that more than one Channel may be created at the same time. Simply type in all the names, separating them with commas.

Other Channel options: If all of the luminaires of a given Label should be in one Channel (controlled together), select Create Channel By Luminaire Label. Similarly, you may choose Create Channel By Project or Create Channel By Room, if all the luminaires in a given Project or Room will be controlled together.

Once one or more Channels have been created, you may assign luminaires to them.


Assigning luminaires to Channels

  1. Highlight one or more luminaires in the Luminaire section. Click on the Menu button at the top of this section. (Right-clicking in the highlighted area also brings up this menu.)
  2. Select Change Channel.
  3. Select the desired Channel for the highlighted luminaire(s) and click OK.
    • Note that luminaires can be Removed from a Channel in the same way. The Channel column will then show <unassigned>.
  4. The Channel assignment is shown in the Channel column.
    • In the Channel section, if you highlight a Channel, you can see the luminaires that are assigned to it displayed in a yellow field in the Luminaires section.

Setting the characteristics of Scenes and Channels

  1. In the Scene section, click once on the first column for a Scene to highlight it.
  2. In the Channel section, all Channels are initially Switched "On," meaning that they are participating in that Scene. Uncheck the SwitchOn box for any Channel that should be "off" in that Scene. For example, the luminaires across the front wall of a classroom might be in a Channel that is switched Off for a Scene called Presentation, used for slide presentations.
    • Channels that are assigned to the selected Scene are displayed with black text on a white field. Channels that are Switched Off are displayed in a medium-gray field. Channels that are Disabled are displayed in a dark-gray field.
    • Note: When a Channel is Disabled, its luminaires are not physically present in the environment.
  3. If the luminaires in a Channel should be dimmed in the selected Scene, simply change the value in the Dimming column. The Dimming value must be between 0 and 1.00, inclusive. Example: 0.50 = 50%. This value refers to the relative light output, not power.


Emergency lighting example

Perhaps some of the fluorescent luminaires in a room will be operated at 25% in emergency mode. Those luminaires should be in a separate Channel from the others.

  1. Create a Scene called Emergency.
  2. Create a Channel called Emergency Fluor.
  3. Assign the relevant fluorescent luminaires to the Emergency Fluor. Channel.
  4. In the Scene section, select the Emergency Scene so that it is highlighted.
  5. In the Channel section, Switch Off (uncheck the SwitchOn column) the Channels that will not be operating under emergency conditions. They will still be present in the space but not emitting light.
  6. For the Emergency Fluor. Channel, change the Dimming value to 0.25 (25%).
  7. Click OK.


Scene Map

A Scene Map may be created by clicking on the Scene Map button. A Scene Map is an overview of all of the Scenes; Channels and their enabled, switching, and dimming status in each Scene, and the number of luminaires assigned to each Channel. Any Channels that have no luminaires assigned to them will be apparent. A Scene Map should not be confused with the Scene Summary Schedule, which contains information about the active Scene only.


General Notes