Project Manager

The Project Manager dialog box enables the user to add new projects to the job file and manage project entities.

Add a project to Project Manager

  1. From the Add menu choose Project, or from the Project toolbar click on the Project Manager button image\Project_button.jpg.
  2. Right click in the Project table to display the secondary menu. Select the New option.
  3. Enter a project name in the New Project text box.
    • Project Names must be unique.
    • If you wish to create more than one new project, type all of the names, separated by commas.
  4. Click OK.
  5. The Project can be renamed at any time by clicking in the Project Name column.


Modify project entities in Project Manager

  1. From the Modify menu choose Project - Project Manager, or from the Project toolbar select image\Project_button.jpg.
  2. Load the projects you wish to modify (to load multiple projects, depress the Alt key while clicking in the Load selection box).
  3. Select the entity type you wish to modify - entities are displayed one type at a time (i.e. select either luminaires, objects, calculation points, rooms or drawing entities).
  4. Select the Entities you wish to change (to select multiples, highlight the rows including those entities) and make the corresponding changes.
  5. Click OK.

Note: Changes are applied instantly. You may visually see the changes by clicking the Preview button or cancel them by clicking the Cancel button.


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