New Tool Overview

The New Tool allows you to create photometric files from scratch in Photometric Toolbox A wizard interface steps you through the process of specifying all of the information included in the photometric file.

Photometric Toolbox provides the ability to enter all the relevant information required to create a complete IES standard photometric file. In order to do this you must have the complete* photometric test report in hard copy.

* Warning: Generally speaking, there is not enough information available from most manufacturers cut sheets to create an accurate and complete IES file.

The New Photometric File wizard steps you through 5 steps to create the photometric file. These steps are described below.

General Information - This step requests lamp and power information, luminous dimensions and lamp tilt information. If the photometric file includes luminaire tilt data, this data is entered in the Lamp Tilt screen.

Keywords - This step allows you to describe the luminaire using standard IESNA keyword information or with custom keywords. You may save common keywords and/their descriptions and recall them for any file.

Photometric Distribution - This step requests the luminaire's distribution type - Type B or Type C and its correlated vertical and horizontal angles.

Candela Values - This step allows you to enter the candela values for each horizontal and vertical angle pairing in a tabular fashion. A preview of the polar curve is displayed.

Completion - This final step prompts you to save the file or to load it into PTB without saving (for analysis purposes).