New Photometric File - Keywords

Keywords are bracketed words used in photometric files to label data. Any number of defined keywords may be used to describe a file. In the current version of the IESNA Standard File Format, IESNA LM-63-2002, several new keywords have been added and others changed or removed. In LM-63-2002, the following keywords are now required: [TEST], [TESTLAB], [MANUFAC] AND [ISSUEDATE].

Edit the luminaire description as required. The description is coded with IES LM-63-2002 keywords (in brackets [ ]). Photometric Toolbox provides a default selection of keywords for your use. You may change each of the keywords by selecting the ones you want from a larger list by clicking on the pull down menu (click on a Keyword to see the pull-down menu).

Once you have decided on the appropriate keywords simply enter the specific information adjacent to the bracketed keywords. For example: enter the real report number and testing facility identification.

Note: It is not necessary to use all of the keywords, only those needed to provide a complete description of the photometric file.

Custom Keywords

Custom Keywords may be used in the description using the following format: [_MyCustomKeyword]. Each custom keyword must be preceded by an underscore character.

Saving the keyword list and descriptions

Click the Save As Defaults button to save the current keyword list and any descriptive information. For example, you may want to save the manufacturer name as a default, so that you can reuse it over and over again without having to type it in each time.

Loading a saved keyword list

Click the Load Defaults button to load your default keywords and descriptions.

Note: The defaults will completely replace all information currently shown in the Keywords section.

Keyword list

ClosedValid Keywords per IESNA LM-63-2002  





Test report number


Photometric testing laboratory


Date that photometric file was generated


Indicates that the luminaire was tested using near filed photometry


Manufacturer of luminaire


Luminaire catalog number


Luminaire description


Lamp catalog number


Lamp description (i.e., type, wattage, size, etc.)


Ballast description (i.e., wattage, voltage, magnetic or electronic, etc.)


Ballast catalog number


A digit (from 1-6) indicating the IESNA maintenance category


General description of the photometric distribution (i.e., Type III, Medium, Direct, Spacing Criterion, etc.)


Light emitting area of the luminaire projected under 76 degrees, measured in square meters. This parameter is used to calculate CIE discomfort Glare Mark


Used in calculations of CIE Glare Control


Two angles that specify the lamp position in the luminaire with respect to the photometric angles


Date that the manufacturer issued the IESNA LM-63-2002 photometric file


Other information about this file


User created search string


More information tied to previous keyword