Photometric Web Converter Overview

The Convert Tool allows you to modify the photometric web for a selected file. The following options are available:

Important! Converting a photometric file will affect its performance in PTB as well as other lighting software. Please make these changes with care, so as not to affect the integrity of the photometric file.

Convert Tool Buttons

The buttons displayed at the right edge of the Convert Tool provide the following functions:

Subsequent conversions can be performed as desired. Note: All conversions are performed on the original file, conversion are not cumulative. For example: You apply a 25-degree tilt and convert (Refresh). You now change the tilt to 35-degrees. Since Convert always works with the original file, the resultant converted file will have a 35-degree tilt applied, not 60 (25 + 35).

Convert Functions

Convert Photometric Type and/or Angles - Select this checkbox to modify the photometric web using a specified photometric type and/or angle set.

Modify Luminaire Test Position - Select this checkbox to change the aiming parameters for the luminaire. The Photometric Type remains the same.