Exporting the Room Estimator Layout

Layouts created with Room Estimator can be exported to AGi32's Model mode. The room and luminaires will be inserted into the current project at the specified cursor location. The Automatic Placement (AP) dialog will automatically appear, allowing you to locate discreet point by point values on the workplane or any other surface. Once the Automatic Placement points are positioned, calculate the point by point Illuminance values by clicking on the Calculate button on the Control Bar.

  1. Bring the layout you wish to export to the forefront of the Room Estimator dialog.
  2. Click on the Export button.
  3. The specified room and luminaire layout will be imported into AGi32's Model Mode and the lower left corner of the room will be attached to the cursor.
  4. Drag the cursor to the desired location and click the left mouse button.
  5. The Calculation Points – Automatic Placement dialog will appear for your use allowing you to specify calculation grids on the workplane and room surfaces. By default, the AP workplane height will echo the specified workplane height in Room Estimator.