Project Manager - Concepts

Project Manager enables you to work with multiple projects in the job file and manage project entities in a layer-like fashion. When AGi32 is opened, all entities created are associated with the default project, Project_1. A project contains all information created (e.g., drawing entities, objects, luminaires, statistical areas) while that project is current. As entities are added and deleted in the job file, they are also automatically added and deleted to the current project.

Create multiple projects when there are several tasks in the job file that you do not want to interact. For example, you could have several independent rooms in a building that do not affect each other. Create each room, and its associated luminaires, objects and statistical areas, as a separate project. Freeze or Switch Off the other projects (rooms) in the job file so you can apply lighting metrics just to the one project (room) you are interested in.

Using Project Manager