View Tool Overview

The View Tool allows you to view the luminaire's photometric web in 2D and 3D environments. Candela and Keyword information are available for reference as well. While 2D polar plots have become the norm for understanding a luminaire's distribution, the 3D View capability allows you to rotate the photometric web such that you can see every angle at once and rotate it to any direction required.

The 3D View functionality also lets you apply the luminaire's luminous dimensions and maximum candela values providing important information on how the luminaire was tested and how to apply it in lighting application tools.

Keywords - This tab displays the descriptive information within the photometric file.

Candela - This tab displays all of the candela values within the photometric file.

2D - This tab displays a two dimensional representation of the photometric file using a Polar or Cartesian plot.

3D - This tab displays a three dimensional wireframe display of the photometric file. You may rotate the display to see the photometric web from any angle.