Edit Tool Overview

The Edit Tool allows you to modify your photometric files when needed. Its capabilities include adding or modifying keywords, modifying lamp and power data, changing candela values and more.

Important! Modifying a photometric file's lamp data, luminous dimensions, angles and/or candela values will affect its performance in PTB as well as other lighting software. Please make these changes with care, so as not to affect the integrity of the photometric file.

Edit Tool Buttons:

The buttons displayed at the right edge of the Edit Tool provide the following functions:


General Information - This Tab displays lamp and power information, luminous dimensions and lamp tilt information. If the photometric file includes luminaire tilt data, this data is also displayed here.

Keywords - This tab displays the descriptive information included in the photometric file. You may describe the luminaire using standard IESNA keyword information or with custom keywords. In addition, you may elect to save common keywords and/their descriptions and recall them for any file.

Photometric Distribution - This tab describes the luminaire's distribution type - Type B or Type C and its correlated vertical and horizontal angles.

Candela Values - This tab displays the candela values for each horizontal and vertical angle pairing in a tabular fashion. A preview of the polar curve is displayed for each horizontal cone and vertical slice that is encountered.