Make Library Object - Concepts

Any number of previously created objects can be combined into a composite Library Object and stored in an object library for later use. The Make Library Object command allows both the addition of a composite object into an existing object library and the creation of new libraries for your objects. Once an object has been stored in a library, it can be recalled from any job file and modified as necessary.

Library objects can be extremely useful in shortening the input time required for many projects. By storing complex objects that have been created previously, you have the ability to add them to future projects with just a few mouse clicks. Objects not only assist in modeling accuracy for items that have impact on calculated lighting results, they can also add realism and scale to your projects when examined in the rendered views.

Several object libraries are delivered with AGi32 for your use. For convenience, we have provided a default library that can be used for any objects you create. It's titled "_UserLibrary". However, you will most likely find it valuable to create other libraries of your own relative to the types of applications that you most often tackle. Objects within the factory delivered libraries are protected, and you may not add your own objects to these libraries. However, these Library Objects can be placed, modified and saved as new Library Objects in your own libraries.

Library objects can also be created from 3D CAD models imported into AGi32 and converted into AGi32 objects. Library Objects will obviously be something you create and use on a regular basis as you become more proficient with AGi32.

Creating a library object

Library objects are created from other objects that already exist in the current job file. A library object can contain a single object or multiple objects grouped together. The objects used may be created with AGi32's various Object command or from an imported 3D CAD model that has been converted to AGi32 objects.

Before selecting the Make Library Object command, make sure that all objects that will be contained in the Library Object are in the appropriate positions relative to each other as this cannot be changed once the Library Object is created. To change these positions, after the fact, you would need to recall the Library Object into the job file, explode it, make the necessary modifications, then Make the Library Object again to save your changes.

To create a Library Object, use the Make Library Object command. Three selection methods are provided. The Single selection method allows you to select objects individually. You may choose just one object, or individually select multiple objects for inclusion. The Window selection method allows you to select a group of objects, by windowing on the objects such that all of the objects are contained within the selection window or that the window crosses the objects that are to be included. Finally, you can select All the objects visible in the project.

Once the objects are selected, they will be displayed using Selected Entity Color (gray by default) specified in System Settings. AGi32 will prompt for an Insertion Point next. The insertion point determines the X, Y and Z reference point of the new library object. This point determines how the composite objects are attached to the crosshairs when the object is inserted in the future. Usually, it is wise to make the insertion point the center of the composite object or one of the exterior vertices.

Creating new object libraries

Library Objects may be added to the default "_UserLibrary", any existing unprotected library (or a protected library, where the password is known) or to a new library of your own making. You cannnot add objects to any of the factory delivered libraries as these are protected and overwritten with each new install.

Object Libraries can be password protected in many ways to prevent others from modifying them or even using them. In most cases, protection is unnecessary.

Once the object has been added to the library

Once the composite objects have been added to the library, and saved as a new Library Object, the original occurrences of the individual objects will be removed from the local job file. It is assumed that your are interested in placing occurrences of the new Library Object in your job file. AGi32 automatically displays the Select Library Object dialog. If you are not interested in adding the Library Object to your current job file, simply Cancel. Your new Library Object has already been placed into the library you chose, you are only canceling the ability to place this Library Object in your job file.

Transporting or sharing Object Libraries

Object libraries can be shared between AGi32 installations such that one user can create a library of objects and make it available to others.

Object Libraries are stored in the C:\Program Files\Lighting Analysts\AGi32\Object Libraries folder and are given the .OBL extension. Once created, OBL files can be transported between computers, Simply, copy the OBL files you want to share to the C:\Program Files\Lighting Analysts\AGi32\Object Libraries folder on the other computers. AGi32 will automatically see the new Object Libraries the next time the Add Library Object or Make Library Object commands are used.