Creating Blocks - Concepts

AGi32 uses blocks to help you organize and manipulate several individual drawing entities as one single drawing entity. Simply, a block is a collection of drawing entities and/or text you can associate together to form a single object, or block definition. Internally, all blocks are stored in units of Feet, although they are scaled automatically according to the current units type. Once created you can insert, scale, and rotate the block in your job file. In addition, you can explode a block into individual entities, modify them, and redefine the block. AGi32 will insert all future occurrences of that block based on the updated block definition.

Blocks are very useful because they streamline the drawing process.

Block usage:

Build a library of frequently used objects. You can insert the same block numerous times instead of re-creating the drawing elements each time.

Build job files more productively by inserting, moving, and copying blocks as singular objects rather than manipulating a selection of drawing entities.

Blocks are global entities. In other words, they may be referenced from any job file no matter where or when they were created.