Create A Block

The Create Block commands saves a selection of drawing entities as one block to be recalled in future job files. All drawing entities, except schedules may be included in the block definition. Imported CAD files may also be saved as blocks in AGi32 (title blocks and borders are good examples).

To create a block of drawing entities:

  1. From the Modify menu select Drawing -Create Block, or from the Drawing/Schedules Toolbar select image\drawing_entity_create_block_button.jpg.
  2. To select multiple entities, left click on the pull-down arrow to the right of the button to invoke the secondary menu. Select Window or All.
  3. Select the entities to be defined as a block.
  4. Select or enter the coordinates of the insertion point.
  5. Enter a unique block name.
  6. Click Ok. The Block Manager will automatically appear allowing you to insert this, or any other, block.