Library Objects

The Object – Library Object dialog appears after an object is selected from the Object - Select Library Object dialog. You may change the unique label name, description and scaling information. as well as the wireframe color, and labeling options, Surface properties may be edited by using the Surface Edit button.

Library objects may be scaled proportionally or non proportionately, as needed. To scale an object proportionally, apply equal scaling values in the X, Y and Z directions.

You may insert multiple instances of the library object at a time. Each additional library object will be labeled with the original library object name and appended with -#.

  1. Specify a unique label for this library object up to 32 characters long.
  2. If desired, a description may be entered, up to 80 characters long. Meaningful descriptions including size and color will be useful for schedules.
  3. The object will be created in AGi32 using the selected Wire Frame Color. This color is not used in AGi32's Render Mode; it is only used to represent the object's shape in Model Mode. By default, this color is black. To change it, click in the color cell. The Color dialog will appear for your use.
  4. If surface labeling is desired, click on the Labeling button. A separate dialog will appear for specification of text labels for the object and/or its surfaces.
  5. To change the surface properties (such as color, texture, specularity, mesh, etc.) click the Surface Edit button. The Surface Edit dialog will appear to assist you in making changes.
  6. If appropriate, specify scaling factors in the X, Y and Z directions.
  7. Click OK to return to the graphics window and locate the object. The object will be attached to the cursor at the user -defined insertion point specified when the library object was created.
  8. To place the bottom of the object at a Z-Coordinate other than 0, enter the appropriate value in the Z-Coord field (lower-left corner of screen) before placing the object.
    • Note: If the Z-Coord value is not equal to zero,a warning icon will be displayed to alert the user to this condition.
  9. Click the left mouse button to insert the library object.