Roadway Calculations Warning

This warning will open if you have initiated Full Radiosity calculations with non-roadway surface types present. (Examples: Double-Sided, etc.)

The Roadway Calculations Warning dialog will list on the left-hand side, in red, the Rooms or Objects that have one or more non-roadway surface types, such as Double-Sided, etc.

On the right-hand side, in blue, are the Rooms and Objects that contain only roadway surface types.

In the lower-right corner of each list area is a Copy icon. Clicking on it will copy the associated list to the Clipboard for Pasting into another document. This can then be used as a reference while you make the necessary changes in Model Mode.

The user has two options:

At the bottom of the dialog, the user may select not to see this reminder anymore for the duration of this AGi32 session. When a different AGI file is opened or AGi32 is restarted, the dialog will open again if and when it is applicable.