Learning AGi32

A variety of sources are available to you when questions arise. AGi32 has excellent tutorials and on-line help at your finger tips, as well as support options from our distributors or Lighting Analysts directly.


AGi32 has extensive on-line help available when using the program. Just look for the HELP button when AGi32 presents a dialog box for input, or go to the Help menu when at the main screen. Help material is context sensitive at the dialog box level by pressing the F1 key, whereas from the pull-down menu you have access to the entire Help contents.


Please utilize our Getting Started Series of videos available online. This is an excellent first step toward success with AGi32.


The Tutorials in the HTML Help are designed to be followed in a hands-on manner with the AGi32 program. Work through each tutorial for a broad understanding of the variety of functions possible with AGi32. We highly recommend that at least one tutorial be completed by all users prior to attempting production work with AGi32. Some of the tutorials have companion videos available in our catalog.

Command Reference

The AGi32 software contains many menus and buttons. Click here for a downloadable document you can use as a desktop reference.

Online Resources

Lighting Analysts maintains a variety of valuable information on the Internet in the form of video content, company news, sales literature, product demonstrations, technical assistance, Knowledgebase articles, and even downloadable product and photometric library updates.

The Learning AGi32 webpage is another resource with links to diverse content

Helpdesk, Knowledgebase and Forums (you will need to create a login, use an email address and password of your choice)

Please visit us at www.agi32.com.


We like to hear from you for any reason, praise or criticism; please communicate your opinions, experiences, and adventures with AGi32. Use the online Forum!